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Axene XQuad spreadsheet application XQuad features all the necessary functions for scientific and financial calculations and for graphical presentation of numerical data, including over 100 mathematical, logical, and string manipulation functions, various types of graphs (from histograms to radar), importation of external data files (text, Excel, etc.), production tools which allow text in cells to have automatic effect on graphical presentation, and the ability to hide graphics on the worksheet. All these features along with the same ergonomic interface that you find in Axene Xclamation (Desktop Publishing) and Axene XAllWrite (Word Processor).

Release 2.0.1


  • 100% Unix native
  • X11 / Motif Graphical User Interface, available in English, French, German or Spanish.
  • Adjustable interface
  • International character support (ISO Latin-1)
  • Type 1 PostScript® Fonts
  • WYSIWYG display
  • Multiple spreadsheets can be active simultaneously
  • Up to 702 columns and 100,000 rows
  • Online documentation
  • Workstation or Floating license management

  User interface

  • Mouse and keyboard shortcuts
  • Pulldown menus
  • Formula bar with cell coordinate display
  • Thematic toolbars dynamically displayed
  • Adjustable document windows
  • Cut - Copy - Paste
  • Drag & Drop
  • Trash (to remove an object, drag and drop it into the trash)
  • Selective deletion
  • Dynamic information bar (describes commands and tools)
  • Constant contextual access to on-line help using any HTML browser (XMayday or other)

  Data Entry

  • 20 significant digits
  • Automatic generation of arithmetic and geometric series (automatic determination of probable outcomes)
  • Right and down automatic cell duplication
  • Insertion / Deletion of rows and columns
  • Data formats: pre-defined or personalized formats (precision, units, fractions, exponents, dates, times, Boolean, percentages, ...)

XQuad snapshot
XQuad snapshot


  • Zoom from 50 to 400%
  • Available for monochrome, 8, 15, 16, 24 bit X servers
  • Color definition according to modes: RGB, CMYK (with black optimization), HSB (Hue, Saturation, Brightness) and grayscale
  • Customizable color palette (16 million colors possible)
  • Adjustable row and column size
  • Best fit row and column size
  • Many integrated Scalable PostScript® screen fonts
  • Display / Hide: grid, frame borders, information bar, row and column headers, formulas, ...
  • Worksheets displayed in tile or cascade style
  • Multiple discontinuous selection capabilities
  • Magnetism aligns objects to cell borders

  Calculation Functions

  • More than 100 functions
  • Mathematical
  • Statistical
  • Financial
  • Date / time
  • Character string manipulations
  • Logical
  • Cell addressing
  • Relative or absolute calculations
  • Function pasting capabilities

  Document Formatting        

  • Border, text and background colors
  • Background patterns
  • Text orientation: horizontal and vertical
  • Horizontal text alignments (centered, left, right, justified)
  • Vertical text alignments (centered, top, bottom, justified)
  • Text overflow into adjacent empty cells (horizontally and vertically)
  • Multiple-line text display within a single cell
  • Many typographic styles: bold, italic, underlined, strike-through, shadowed, small caps, factors, exponents, ...

  Importing Data

  • Text mode formats (separators configuration, UNIX code, DOS or Macintosh)
  • Excel

  Exporting Data

  • Adobe Illustrator® (AI), Xclamation, ...
  • Text (formatted, CSV, ...)
  • HTML

  Graphs and Charts

  • Configuration wizard for chart and graph creation
  • Histograms, bar graphs, area graphs, curve graphs, pie graphs, radar, ...
  • Infinite number of possible display planes
  • Selection of an object's display plane (move up/ push back)
  • Legends, titles, axis lines, X-axis labeling, series name, ...
  • Adjustable presentation parameters
  • Able to hide graphs and charts backgrounds on worksheets or colored backgrounds
  • Framing
  • Multiple graphs or charts may be displayed simultaneously
  • Automatic updating of graphs and charts based on the worksheet


  • PostScript® printing
  • Printer selection
  • Choice of number of copies
  • Choice of page formats (standard or personalized formats)
  • Portrait or landscape orientation
  • Margin definition
  • Vertical or horizontal centering
  • Optional printing of grid and row / column headers
  • Reduction (percentage value or number of pages)
  • Printing from left to right or from top to bottom
  • Print a selection
  • Print to a file

IDDN InterDeposit. XQuad is a registered trademark. Copyright ©1995-2000 Axene, all rights reserved.
All others are trademarks of their respective holder.
Axene reserves the right to revise this document and/or change product features or specifications without advance notice.

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