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The word-processing application Axene XAllWrite permits the user to create excellent quality documents with ease, whether a simple letter or a large, complex publication. It features tools for multi-document management, bitmap or line-art image integration, various font capabilities, and HTML format exportation. All with the same ergonomic graphical user interface found in the Axene XQuad spreadsheet application and Axene Xclamation desktop publisher.

Release 2.0.1 Beta


  • 100% Unix native
  • X11 / Motif Graphical User Interface, available in English, French, German or Spanish
  • Adjustable interface
  • International character support (ISO Latin-1)
  • PostScript® Type 1 fonts
  • WYSIWYG display
  • Multiple document capabilities (several documents may be active simultaneously
  • Online documentation
  • Workstation or Floating license management

  User interface

  • Mouse and keyboard shortcuts
  • Pulldown menus
  • Contextual menus
  • Thematic toolbars dynamically displayed
  • Adjustable document windows
  • Clipboard window
  • Cut - Copy - Paste
  • Drag & Drop
  • Trash (to remove an object, drag it into the trash)
  • Dynamic information bar (describes commands and tools)
  • Continuous contextual access to on-line help using any HTML browser (XMayday or other)

XAllWrite snapshot
XAllWrite snapshot


  • Zoom from 10 to 400%, full page, actual size
  • Available for monochrome, 8, 15, 16, 24 bit X servers
  • Color definition according to modes: RGB, CMYK (with black optimization), HSB (Hue, Saturation, Brightness) and grayscale
  • Customizable color palette (16 million colors possible)
  • Many integrated PostScript® vector screen fonts
  • Precise positioning along margin and ruler lines
  • Margin modification
  • Tab modification
  • Horizontal and vertical ruler bars
  • Multiple windows (allows movement of objects between windows and documents)
  • Selection of the object display plane (bring forward/push back)
  • Worksheets displayed in cascade or tile format
  • Independent formatting by page (two-sided page, double page, portrait, landscape, ...)
  • Image preview optimization (dithering)
  • Display special characters


  • Text insertion
  • Search - Replace
  • Color management
  • Many typographic styles available: bold, italic, underlined, strike-through, shadowed, small caps, factors, exponents, ...
  • Import / export (ASCII, HTML, Xclamation, XQuad, ...)
  • Paragraph formats (alignments, indent, interline, paragraph spacing, ...)
  • Save text styles and formats
  • Count: lines, words, characters
  • Bullets and ordered lists
  • Page break
  • Sections


  • Infinite number of superimposed planes
  • Frame anchored to text or page
  • Frame decoration (background color, thickness and color of borders, transparency)
  • Wrap text around frame


  • Supports the following imported bitmap formats: JPEG, TIFF, GIF, TARGA, PNG, PCX, XWD, BMP, RLE, PPM, PGM, PBM, MacPaint, Sun Raster, ...
  • Supports the following imported vector drawing formats: Adobe Illustrator® (AI), WMF, Xfig, XQuad, ...
  • Centering
  • Move within a frame
  • Resize to frame dimensions
  • Full Frame
  • Image cache system


  • Page number display
  • Page numbering (direct access, redefinition of parameters)


  • PostScript® printing
  • Printer selection
  • Choice of number of copies
  • Choice of page formats (standard and personalized formats)
  • Portrait or landscape orientation
  • Margin definition
  • Color or grayscale printout
  • Draft mode
  • Print to a file

IDDN InterDeposit. XAllWrite is a registered trademark. Copyright ©1997-2000 Axene, all rights reserved.
All others are trademarks of their respective holder.
Axene reserves the right to revise this document and/or change product features or specifications without advance notice.

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